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Meet Laurel

Awakening the power within

Hi. So happy that you have found me. I, as you, exist for love, of love, and with love. My life is full of my
love passions – assisting others in their spiritual journey, empowering them to find their own direction
within themselves, and capturing the essence of joy, love and freedom on a canvas. I have had a
convoluted path to get to this point in my life, and have much appreciation and gratitude for all who
have shaped, nurtured, and encouraged me to shine my brightest light on this fabulous world. Special
thanks to Soul Mastery University, Milan Art Institute, my guides and teachers, my partner Michel, and the
Divine – ever present, ever loving, and ever patient.

I would love to facilitate your path to find your own inner wisdom through the Akashic Records, whether
it be for personal healing and transformation, to remove trapped emotions that may be weighing you
down, or for the pure exhilaration of communicating with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, who
are always available and waiting for you to reach out.
For those interested my artistic passion, painting challenges, teases and pushes me to be a better
version of myself, in my quest to capture the loving universe which surrounds us. Mixed media – inks,
acrylics, oils, – canvases, textures, and the lure of rich vibrant colours all conspire to hold me in the
present moment, where there is no past or future, and all that can be imagined is possible. I am
particularly drawn to capture the freedom of birds which soar serenely above our chaotic lives, and
share in the beauty of flowers as a universal expression of love.

Art is my liberty from the fears and constraints of this world. I love the extravagance of art. I dive into
another world where my limitations are only those I acknowledge. Nature shares an infinite palette of
the most amazing colours and form, and it is my journey to translate them into a visual voice that
reflects my life experiences. My brush becomes my expression for that which is seen and unseen. As I go
forward, I am starting a new series on the Goddess – stay tuned!


Welcome to my world!

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Featured in

Laurel is a contributing author to The Miracle Mindset Stories of How A Change in Thinking Changes Your Life!

Are miracles just for the religious and spiritual? Can everyone experience miracles in their lives? A Course in Miracles clearly states that miracles are natural. They are everyone's right and all we have to do is learn how to have them show up in our lives. And that is what the stories in this book illustrate.


The stories in this book are all real accounts of how these businesswomen, friends, reverends, and students of A Course in Miracles experienced miracles in their lives. These are their stories of hope and inspiration that demonstrate how they have turned their world upside down to get their life right-side up by changing their mindset from negative to positive - from fearful to loving.


If you are interested in having miracles appear in your life, it is time to learn how to develop The Miracle Mindset. The stories in this book illustrate how miracles are everyone's right, and how they occur naturally. However, most of us need some practice in recognizing miracles as A Course in Miracles defines them. Simply put, a miracle is a shift in perception from thinking with fear to thinking with love, and our authors share how they made that shift.

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